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What our patients are saying....



"Dr. Creisher was the most gentle, informative, and helpful dentist I have ever been to! I highly recommend her!"



"Beautiful office, absolutely clean. Dr. Creisher was very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions I asked during my initial visit. Her staff members were pleasant and helpful. I would be glad to recommend Dr. Creisher's office to friends and neighbors. "



" Friendly staff, calm and clean environment!"



" I had called Dr. Creisher's office to see if she could see me regarding tooth pain. I was seen within a couple of hours of my phone call for which I was extremely grateful. Dr. Creisher and her staff have always provided a warm and friendly environment which in turn made my visits pleasurable. She personally took the time to call and setup a consultation appointment with an endodontist which serves to amplify her level of professionalism and care. I would highly recommend Dr. Creisher to anyone seeing professional dental care."



This was my first dental visit in 20 years since my last visit. I will continue to work with them to restore and maintain my dental health. Thank you to the entire staff. You are the best !"



" The dentist and staff exceed expectations every time. They are extremely talented, thoughtful and put patient comfort first."



" Prompt, courteous, friendly, professional service. A very well run dental office, would highly recommend."



" They are great at explaining what they are doing every step pf the way . They truly have your best interest in mind and take time to make sure you are comfortable. This is not like my old dentist that was pushing you through like a factory. Great people from when you enter to when you leave."



" I was very favorably impressed by Jen's technical competence, the thoroughness of her examination and xray procedures, the comprehensive digital equipment of the office and the clarity of the treatment plan I was given. Dr. Creisher's review of my exam results, prescriptive notes and responses to my questions all met or exceeded my expectations. I greatly appreciate the advice I was given to explore insurance options carefully before scheduling treatment and the friendly, helpful attitudes of all the staff members that I encountered during this first appointment."

Like Father... Like Daughter

Dr. Gary Creisher , Father of seven children ( Rachael being the eldest ) Pediatric Dentist, President of the Maine Dental Association, Maine Pediatric Dental Association and avid Farmer & Bee Keeper ! Dr. Gary Creisher is proud to have his daughter within the dental community providing a high level of family dental care.

"When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves. " - SM